The Laundromat: Might leave some stains


Genre: Crime, Comedy
Main Cast:  Meryl Streep,  Gary Oldman, Antonio Banderas
Director:  Steven Soderbergh​


After a tragic boating accident, a woman stumbles into the world of shell corporations as she tries to find out why the insurance won’t pay out her claims.


Based on the infamous Panama Papers and the scandal that ensued after the fact, I expected Netflix to produce something similar to The Big Short, and although the styles are similar, the premise isn’t.

The story is not from the perspective of someone who uncovered the scheme, but rather from the perspective of someone who had been hurt by these schemes.

Ellen Martin (Meryl Streep) loses her husband on a boating accident, the boating company claims from their insurance. However, the insurance replies via holding (shell) company, that they aren’t covered. Ellen then travels to a small island nation to find the company and ends up in front of a post office.

The portrayals of Antonio Banderas (as Fonseca) and Gary Oldman (as Mossack) are convincing and well established. They play their roles with the glib associated with the finance industry. Serving as the storytellers which, further emphasises the power the rich hold in society.

Streep’s portrayal of the widow is sincere and moving. It clearly illustrates the very real effects of these shell companies.

I found the plot mildly entertaining, and the jumping between stories does keep the pace up, but it does need a bit more. It needs a bit more depth on behalf of the characterisation, and it needed a bit more exposition to understand shell companies.

It might be worthwhile to watch once, but this will never be a movie I would willingly rewatch.

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