Can You Ever Forgive Me?: A small splash in the right direction


Genre: Comedy, Crime, Biography
Runtime: 106 min
Main Cast:  Melissa McCarthy, Richard E. Grant
Director: Marielle Heller


A depressed, out-of-work biographer, Lee Child, forges letters from celebrities and sells them as originals.


I want to start by saying that Lee Child’s scheme is brilliant and it is a true delight to see it captured on film. Heller, Holofcener and Whitty have done a great job of capturing how wide depression truly is and how it seeps into every aspect of our lives. We see that as Child experiences financial success how her depression starts lifting but as soon as something goes wrong how her personality topples her world over once again.

McCarthy’s portrayal of Child is spectacular. She captures the deep intelligence, wit and depression perfectly. Her comic timing helps the story move forward and, strangely, helps her portray the more serious struggles of the character. I would say her foray into a more serious role was a great success.

Grant’s portrayal of John creates a perfect counter to that of McCarthy. He helps create this odd juxtaposition of lightheartedness and depression which makes both the characters of Lee and John relatable.

The chemistry between Grant and McCarthy works well and serves the progression of the plot well.

Apart from a small market who will love it, I don’t see it competing against many of the horror and action movies prone to come out in the first quarter of the year. When it comes to the Oscars, its small “splash” will also make it one of those nominated movies people will quickly forget about; which is sad.

If you are one of those from the small market, you will thoroughly enjoy this movie.

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